All-Japan Championship (全日本選手権 Zen Nihon Senshuken) is a tennis tournament which features all the professional tennis players in Japan. The winner of All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament is granted to participate to this tournament as wild card while the runner-up will get to participate on All-Japan Championship Preliminaries. The committee also invites players to participate in the tournament as wild cards.


Male Players
Seed No Name Affiliation
1 Soji Ike IMG Academy
2 Ayumu Monma
8 Takuma Egawa STC
Eiichiro Maruo STC
Yu Nabae
Yoshiaki Ide
Hiroshi Araya


Final Rankings
Rank Male Female
Winner Soji Ike [[]]
Runner up Ayumu Monma [[]]
Semi Finalists Eiichiro Maruo [[]]
Yu Nabae [[]]

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