All Japan Junior Tournament (全日本ジュニア Zen Nihon Junia) is a Grade 1 tournament which is usually scheduled in August. The tournament is contested among the 64 junior players (18 years old and under) from all over Japan.

The players who manage to enter the All-Japan Junior Tournament Finals will become wildcards for the All-Japan Championship - the winner in the play-off and the runner-up in the preliminaries. Depending on the performances, the wildcards can be given to the semi-finalists of this tournament as well.

The winner of this tournament will be also granted a wild card for World Super Junior.

Number of PlayersEdit

In order to qualify for this tournament, a player who must win a certain number of matches depending on the region. For instance, a player under Kanto region must win two matches in the Kantou Junior Tennis Tournament in order to be qualified. The number of players from each region are as follows:

Region # of Qualified Players
Kanto 16
Kansai 12
Kyushu 10
Hokkaido 5
Tōkai 5
Tōhoku 4
Chūgoku 4
Shikoku 4
Hokushin'etsu 4


Male Players
Seed No Name Affiliation
1 Yu Nabae
2 Hisashi Kanda
3 Takayuki Okada
5 Hiroshi Araya
7 Kaoru Sumiyoshi
8 Shin'ichi Shirae
13 Sakuya Takagi
14 Tomoharu Oota
15 Katsumi Ogata
16 Norihiko Mogami
Eiichiro Maruo STC

Notable MatchesEdit


Final Rankings
Rank Male Female
Winner Yu Nabae Natsu Takasaki
Runner up Hisashi Kanda Aki Shimizu
Semi Finalists Hiroshi Araya Haruka Momoyama
Eiichiro Maruo Sayaka Shinoda
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