All Japan Junior Indoor, Kantou Preliminary Arc
No of Chapters 11
Chapter Start Chapter 57
Chapter End Chapter 67
No of Episodes 3
Episode Start Episode 21 (S1)
Episode End Episode 23 (S1)
Debut Characters
Yoshiaki Ide  •  Takayuki Okada  •  Hiroto Narikiyo  •  Megumi Nakajou
Road to Professional Arc Florida Tennis Academy Arc
List of Story Arcs

All Japan Junior Indoor, Kantou Preliminaries Arc is the fourth arc in the series which focuses on Kantou Preliminaries for All Japan Junior Indoor Tennis Tournament. It lasted for 11 chapters and 3 episodes.


  • All Japan Junior Indoor, Kanto Preliminaries
    • Official Match between Eiichiro Maruo and Yu Nabae

Important PointsEdit

  • Eiichiro is qualified in All-Japan Junior Indoor Selectionals but he has to face Nabae, the 1st seed, in the first round.


Match between Eiichiro Maruo and Yu NabaeEdit



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