• Chixm8

    Today I learned that there is an article which talks about the romanization of Japanese words. Thus, for consistency, the Modified Hepburn will be used for the romaji parts of all articles.

    ... but seriously, it will take a lot of time to modify all the articles. @_@ Plus those rules. It is pain in the ass to read them. (Call me lazy if you want. xD)

    I will do it in the future. Probably. Who knows. For the mean time, providing information is more important. Damn. Blame my laziness for not working on the articles. >_>" orz

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  • Chixm8

    Updates: Chapters

    January 28, 2015 by Chixm8

    This table shows the list of chapters and its corresponding subsections as of Oct 2015. This may not be updated frequently. After all, this is just out-of-whim progress table(?) because articles are being updated here and there. XD

    Even though there is progress on this project (uhm, some sort? XD), this should not stop you from contributing for this wikia. >:P No, seriously, this NEEDS a lot of love especially the chapters that have not been scanlated yet. More like, there are a lot of chapters that need to be filled up. So feel free to add relevant information. :Dv Be ready if you do something really bad. /evil smirk.

    For those who are curious on the unscanlated chapters, raw chapters can be found here and there. Just ask Google or whatever s…

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  • Chixm8

    Updates: Story Arcs

    January 27, 2015 by Chixm8

    Most of the story arcs have pages and a bit of content but as of May 23, 2015, it only covers up to All Japan Junior Tennis Tournament. Feel free to suggest titles for the future arcs. ^^;;

    Feel free to leave comments, suggestions or even violent reactions on this page or add relevant information on the story arc's article page. No one will bite you ... probably.

    See Story Arcs for more information.
    • Introduction to the Tennis World Arc
    • Second Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit Arc
    • Road to Professional Arc
    • All Japan Junior Indoor, Kantou Preliminary Arc
    • Florida Tennis Academy Arc
    • Return to Japan Arc
    • Third Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit Arc
    • Kanto Junior Tennis Tournament Arc
    • All Japan High School Inter-high Competition Arc
    • All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament A…

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  • Chixm8

    Updates: Tennis Tournaments

    January 25, 2015 by Chixm8

    Some of the tennis tournaments have the list of players and their corresponding results while other tournament do not even have a page here yet. The tournament articles can be helpful for those who want to know more about the results of the tennis matches at once instead of checking the page of each character.

    Feel free to add information (on what was stated in manga and/or anime), lists the name of players (since sometimes, the tournament bracket for the tournament is given) or add pictures. :Dv

    Also, when one is adding information on a tennis match of a character, please use the tennis tournaments listed here for consistency. If you notice a bit different to the list, feel free to change it.

    • All-Japan Championship
    • All-Japan Junior Indoor Se…

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  • Chixm8

    Updates: Character Pages

    January 24, 2015 by Chixm8

    Character pages need a lot of work especially on the content part. If you want to contribute but you do not have an idea on what to contribute, this may help. :Dv

    As of Jan. 24, 2015, no progress table is provided. Still, feel free to put relevant information especially the parts not yet translated in English. ^^;;

    The following lists the subsections that each character article should have:

    • Appearance
    • Personality
    • Plot (his/her involvement in plot per story arc. See Story Arcs for the list.)
    • Relationship (add subsection indicating the name of the character or affiliation)
    • References
    • Navigation

    If the character is a tennis player (current or former), the following subsections should be added (after Personality subsection):

    • Skills (for instance, what …

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  • Chixm8

    Updates: Episodes

    January 24, 2015 by Chixm8

    This table shows the list of episodes and sub-sections which already have contents as of April 15, 2016. This may not be updated frequently. After all, this is just out-of-whim progress table(?) because articles are being updated here and there. XD

    This should not stop you from contributing for this wikia. >:P In my case, I am currently filling up the corresponding chapters, characters' appearances and manga and anime differences parts. Thus, almost all of the summary and synopsis remain empty. Feel free to add relevant information on the articles or ask questions.  :) No one will hit you a tennis ball ... probably. XD

    SEASON 1
    Epi No Infobox Characters Summary Synopsis Differences

    1 OK OK OK OK OK

    2 OK OK OK OK OK

    3 OK OK OK OK…

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  • Roboartitec

    Just wondering who's rooting for E-Chan and Nacchan's romanantic relationship?

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