Overcome a Wall (壁を越えて Kabe wo Koete) is the 100th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


While Eiichiro is about to meet Natsu, he helps Shimizu, which is actually the 1st seed in the female competition.


Natsu sends a message to Eiichiro if they can meet up near the main office before her match. As Eiichiro is about to go to the main office, he meets Shimizu, who is having problems in her cellular phone. After he helps Shimizu, Natsu sees both of them and is surprised to see Shimizu. Natsu introduces Shimizu as the first seed in the female competition in All Japan Junior Indoor Selectionals. Natsu explains to Eiichiro that Shimizu is really strong that Natsu has not won to her in the past three years.

Natsu asks Eiichiro to be present at the start of her match in order for her to be relaxed. While watching Natsu in her match, Eiichiro thinks that Natsu has a similar case like his - one who needs to overcome a wall before becoming a pro. In Eiichiro's case, to defeat Nabae while Natsu needs to defeat Shimizu. Eiichiro also checks Shimizu's match at the other court and surprises that her attacks are both fast and accurate as if she is a machine.