Turning Point (ターニングポイント Taaningu Pointo) is the 102nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Eiichiro has to defeat Nishimura and Miyagawa in order to qualify in the Kantou Junior Tennis Tournament.


While checking the list of players on the board, Eiichiro is called by Araya and introduces Nishimura, Eiichiro's opponent in the first round. Araya tells Eiichiro that Nishimura has the fastest growth in Araya's tennis club. Araya told to Nishimura every information of Eiichiro. Miyagawa approaches Araya and Eiichiro and reluctantly introduces Mogami, the 2nd seed of the competition. Natsu approaches Eiichiro and cheers him, which gives a different atmosphere to Miyagawa and others.

A one-set match between Eiichiro and Nishimura begins. Eiichiro notices the instability on Nishimura's attacks so he decides to go offensive on his attacks.


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