Amount of Change (変化の程 Henka no Hodo) is the 103rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Eiichiro wins the first round against Nishimura. Miyagawa wants to see how much he and Eiichiro have changed.


Eiichiro decides to go on offense when he saw Nishimura's instability and manages to get the break. At Eiichiro's service game, Eiichiro uses his fast serve - making the audience wonder how can Eiichiro do it. Nishimura remembers what Araya has said before - that Eiichiro's serves are nothing and his tennis style is defensive - and wonders where is the truth behind those words. Nishimura has difficulty in hitting Eiichiro's attacks as he has to worry on Eiichiro's variety of serves and attacks.

While watching the match, Miyagawa observes Eiichiro and his continuous change. He remembers the times when he was in a slump and tries to pursue a new tennis style. He wants to defeat Eiichiro in order to have a more definite answer on that aspect. Eiichiro defeats Nishimura in the match, 6-0.


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