Critical Battle (負けられない戦い Makerarenai Tatakai) is the 104th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Eiichiro watches Miyagawa's match as he prepares himself for the second round.


After Eiichiro reports to the main office, he goes to watch Miyagawa's first round match. He considers Miyagawa's comment before that he is out of slump already. While he has not seen any major changes, he notices that his strokes have gotten a lot sharper. He meets Oobayashi and talks about their future career in the tennis world. Oobayashi enters a college with a division 1 tennis team so he can aim for the intercollegiate. He mentions to Eiichiro that Miyagawa has to beat Eiichiro as this competition will start affecting his career if he lost.

As Eiichiro continues to warm up, he remembers that he has to give up on becoming a professional tennis player if he lost in the second match. Coach Aoi comments on Eiichiro's mean face and tells that there is no way for Eiichiro to lose as he already won against Miyagawa before he met Aoi.

The second match between Eiichiro and Miyagawa begins.


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