Be Myself (自分らしく Jibunrashiku) is the 105th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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In the first game, Eiichiro learns that Miyagawa can now use drive volley which is the fruit of his efforts to improve his existing skills.


Eiichiro starts with a very fast serve and manages to get a point. Oobayashi thinks of Eiichiro's serve becoming a lethal weapon when it used to be his weakness. As Miyagawa manages to hit the serve (but failed to reach over the net), Eiichiro decides to use a different serve so that Miyagawa will not get used on the speed of his fast serve. After serving a slice to the center, Eiichiro notices that Miyagawa adjusts his grip in the racket which gives Miyagawa a wider defensive area. On the next point, Eiichiro lets Miyagawa to move forward, thinking that it is a weakness to a baseliner like Miyagawa but Miyagawa uses a drive volley in order to get the point.

With the help of Mogami, Miyagawa continues to train his volleys due to his loss to Eiichiro before. With this, he learns how to hit a drive volley in order to improve his existing skills. While Eiichiro is surprised on what Miyagawa has done, he feels fortunate as he was able to see it early on. When he notices that Miyagawa cannot advance forward, he uses a two-step attack in order to gain another point.