Different Person (別人 Betsujin) is the 106th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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Eiichiro's improvements in his tennis style has reflected in this match that both Oobayashi and Miyagawa treat Eiichiro as a different person.


In Eiichiro's service game, Eiichiro controls his attacks so as not to let Miyagawa run to the net and use his drive volley or hit Eiichiro's attacks using one-handed strokes. Eiichiro also uses the two-step tennis he learned in Florida in order to get the point as quickly as possible. As Oobayashi observes the match, he comments on how big Eiichiro's improvements are in terms of serves, strokes, volley, tennis style and footwork.

During change-overs, Miyagawa also wonders on the improvements on Eiichiro's techniques as in the same time frame, Miyagawa only focused in mastering one-hand strokes and drive volley. His evolutions are too rapid that Miyagawa should consider Eiichiro as a different person now compared in the previous year. As Miyagawa starts to drink his kelp tea, Coach Aoi thinks that Miyagawa has realized that the next game will be the deciding factor on the second round match.