Joy and Tears (苦楽 Kuraku) is the 110th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Miyagawa relies on his instincts that his attacks are different and getting more aggressive compared in his previous games.


As Miyagawa understands their difference in strength, he decides to attack even with high risks. Eiichiro notices that Miyagawa's serve becomes even faster and the sharpness of his balls are different than before. In spite of his high risks plays, Eiichiro thinks that Miyagawa refuses to make a mistake - that Miyagawa relies on his instinct during this game.

As Araya appears and watches the match, Miyagawa wins the game using a perfect drop shot. On Eiichiro's service game, Miyagawa still has the difficulty to read Eiichiro's serves as there are many patterns to consider so he has to rely on his strokes. Both Miyagawa and Eiichiro do not budge on their attacks, resulting to another rally battle. Araya thinks that Miyagawa is in top form but he is more cautious on Eiichiro's keeping power especially on his service games.

On Miyagawa's service game, Eiichiro manages to get the match point. On Eiichiro's final attack, Miyagawa tries to hit the ball with his backhand but fails.


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