Fear (恐怖 Kyōfu) is the 111th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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While Eiichiro wins his match against Miyagawa, his fear remains as that match leads to the change of their future careers.


Unlike their previous match, Eiichiro finally manages to win against Miyagawa using his skills and qualifies for Kantou Junior Tennis Tournament. Miyagawa acknowledges Eiichiro's skills and asks if Eiichiro aims to become a pro - which Eiichiro affirms. At the main office, Eiichiro reports his win when Natsu appears. While walking together, Natsu wonders why Eiichiro does not seem to be happy in spite of undisputed win against Miyagawa. Eiichiro feels that his life was on the line during his match. Natsu tells Eiichiro that she also feels the same way and those kind of matches will continue to increase in the future. Eiichiro wonders why Natsu considers that these kinds of matches are actually the most enjoyable.

When they meet up with Coach Aoi, Coach Aoi congratulates Eiichiro for his win but reminds him that he has to win the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit in order to secure his win in All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament. If he fails to get seeded in All-Japan Junior, there is a high possibility that he has to face Nabae in the early round.

At home, Eiichiro informs his mother about his win. Upon returning to his home, Eiichiro starts to reflect - how he was able to beat Miyagawa, how he was not able to relax until the very end - how their futures were in the line in that match.