Match-Up? (決戦 Kessen) is the 112th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Eiichiro wins his matches up to semi-finals. Before his match with Araya, Eiichiro has a mental training in the form of a friendly match - with Natsu.


In the second day of Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit, Eiichiro wins against Ken Watanabe (14th seed) and Teppei Kishi (5th seed). The audience keep talking on how a non-seeded player got into the top 4. In the third day, Eiichiro wins against Norihiko Mogami (2nd seed) by taking advantage of Mogami's habit. Eiichiro feels that something has changed after he defeated Miyagawa in the second match. In the finals, Eiichiro has to beat Araya in order to have a more secure place in All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament.

Natsu appears while Eiichiro is in the middle of his practice. Under Sakakibara and Aoi's suggestion, Natsu and Eiichiro will have a friendly match against each other. This friendly match will serve as a counter-measure for Shimizu as Eiichiro has a similar style as Shimizu. For Eiichiro, it will act as mental training especially when he needs to play based on instinct. At the start of their friendly match, Eiichiro has a difficulty in reading Natsu's tennis style as he cannot focus on the match.


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