Sensation (感覚 Kankaku) is the 113th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


By observing Natsu carefully and following his instincts, Eiichiro wins the friendly match.


Eiichiro tries to remain focused as he is starting to return Natsu's serve. He gets confused on Natsu's movements as her attacks are different from what he imagines, making his reactions a bit slower than usual and Natsu winning the first game.

Eiichiro hits an ace by using his fast serve. Coach Sakakibara advises Natsu to get used on his serves in order to hit women's serve easier. Eiichiro manages to hold his service game but Natsu is determined to return those serves on the next game.

During the change over, Coach Aoi tells Eiichiro that his timing has been a bit off from the start. He also tells Eiichiro that Eiichiro has to observe the opponent carefully based on the data and his intuition. On Eiichiro's second service game, Natsu has finally managed to hit Eiichiro's serves. As Eiichiro remembers Mike's comment on Natsu's mentality being on the genius level, he wants to absorb this ability even if a little bit. On the other hand, Natsu feels that Eiichiro is amazing as he is learning a lot about her. The friendly match ends with Eiichiro as the winner.


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