Araya Hiroshi (荒谷寛 Araya Hiroshi) is the 114th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


Araya has given up a lot of things in order to pursue his dream of becoming a pro. For the sake of his club, his friends and himself, he has to beat Eiichiro in the final match of Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit


While Araya is taking a warm-up, he remembers the very tough training he experienced at his club in order to become a pro. He has to abandon his friends and has the support of his club in order to continue pursuing his dream. Before the start of the match, Eiichiro reviews his notes. He notes that Araya's speed and power has gone up significantly. He is determined to repay his debt on this match.

The final match of the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit begins. Araya's hits are heavy that Eiichiro has difficulty returning it. When Araya manages to earn the point, he encourages himself by shouting very loud.


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