Proof (実証 Jisshō) is the 115th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro and Araya use their first return games to determine the change in the opponent's tennis style compared to previous year.


Eiichiro starts to check his Counter-Araya file he used last year and realizes that on this current match, he cannot take advantage of Araya's slow start anymore. Also, Araya is unusually calm and remain focused even though Eiichiro is taking his time fixing the racket, thus, Eiichiro cannot use Araya's impatient side anymore. As Eiichiro continues to observe Araya, he uses the fourth point in the file - "give up" to regain his mental state - to make an attack. Finally, he tries to break his tempo by taking him off guard. Araya holds his service game but for Eiichiro, he is able to grasp what data should focus on the future games.

Eiichiro gives an ace on his first serve. For his next serve, Araya uses his full power to hit Eiichiro's serves. Eiichiro thinks that Araya is trying to determine the timing of his serves.