Default (デフォルト Deforuto) is the 116th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Both Eiichiro and Araya have successfully held their service games but Eiichiro starts to feel different for his next service game.


Eiichiro manages to hold his service game by continuing taking Araya by surprise. Araya feels that Eiichiro is getting stronger - from someone who did not have any speed nor power to one of the top 4 in the previous Kanagawa Prefecture Junior Tennis Competition. He does now acknowledge someone who uses strategies and skills in order to win but one who has physical ability will able to move up higher.

Yukichi wonders how Eiichiro manages to keep up with Araya's speed and power. Coach Miura explains that while Araya uses his power and speed as force to win, Eiichiro has been using his intellect, exceptional eyes, trained body and his precise control to keep up, getting closer to his ideal since the very beginning - If you can get to every ball and control it with exact precision, theoretically, you can never lose.

As the game continues, Eiichiro and Araya hold their service game. After the 7th game, Eiichiro starts to have an uneasy feeling. Coach Aoi wonders if Eiichiro knows what it means about "Araya being left-handed".


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