Imprinting (刷り込み Surikomi) is the 117th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Eiichiro's lack of experience on left-handed players, Araya gets the break first.


Kageyama wonders about the advantage of being a left-handed player in tennis. Coach Aoi tells them that the major reason relies on left-handed players are in minority in terms of number. Eiichiro's lack of experience in handling left-handed may influence the outcome of this match.

During change-overs, Eiichiro realizes that his uneasiness come from the fact that Araya is left-handed. He wonders the difference of a left-handed forehand and a right-handed backhand - which turns out to be in difference of point of contact. Eiichiro tries to imagine a mirrored situation right before he hits or relying to his instincts but both fail. Coach Aoi realizes that Eiichiro relies on his instincts but thinks that it will definitely fail as his instincts does not have experience on dealing with left-handed players either and this might cause a sense of fear. With this, Araya manages to get the break first.


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