Correction (修正 Shūsei) is the 118th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro realizes the reason behind his strange backhand. Araya takes the first set but Eiichiro is not giving up yet.


Eiichiro analyzes the situation based on the previous game. His field of vision narrows if he focuses on mirroring the difference of right-handed and left-handed. On the other hand, he cannot rely on his instincts because he does not have plenty of experience and data when it comes to left-handed players.

As Araya's service game continues, Eiichiro realizes that his backhand is being targeted by Araya as his backhand is more inferior compared to his forehand. Adding the fact that he tries to play intuitively, this causes him to lose his confidence on his backhand - creating a psychological problem. Eiichiro determnes that he has to solve this problem immediately even if he has to take a gamble. On Araya's set point, he realizes that the hits have a certain pattern - forehand cross followed by down the line - which causes him to lose to Araya. Eiichiro loses the set but he has not lost his confidence yet.


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