Advance (踏み出し Fumidashi) is the 119th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro starts attacking Araya's backhand as he regains his confidence on his own backhand.


Before the start of second set, Eiichiro makes a relationship between a left-handed player and a right-handed player in terms of the forehand and backhand strokes. On the other hand, Araya wonders how Eiichiro makes into the finals but has difficulty in dealing with left-handed players. Then, he remembers his match with Soji before that in spite of being a very strong player, he does not have any idea on how many points needed in order to win in a tie-breaking match. He decides to beat Eiichiro while he can.

At the start of second set, Eiichiro's attacks target Araya's backhand and successfully gain a point. Coach Aoi is relieved that Eiichiro is starting to recover. Eiichiro repeats on using safe strategies and left-handed counters until he gets used to it and increases the difficulty of the control. He does this strategy in order to take away the physical factors of his mistakes and by extension, weaken its psychological factors.

Eiichiro holds his service game but he does not feel relaxed as he has to break Araya's service game. From what he learned in the first set, he has to disrupt Araya's tempo and take Araya by surprise. At Araya's first serve, Eiichiro is a bit slower to respond on Araya's attack but after Araya uses a backhand stroke, the ball hits the net, giving Eiichiro a point. Eiichiro wonders behind Araya's mistake.


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