Positive Plan (積極策 Sekkyokusaku) is the 120th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro plans to take Araya by surprise in order to gain a break from Araya's service game.


Eiichiro wonders behind Araya's mistake. It seems that he took Araya by surprise even though it was not intentional on his part. Knowing that a surprise can help him deal with Araya, he has to get used to it in order to get the break from Araya's service game.

Eiichiro tries to lure Araya from his "misses" but Araya sees through the deception and get the point. He takes risks in order to get the advantage - in which to have an open court and use a drop shot. Eiichiro has executed this plan successfully with his control. Coach Aoi explains that the plan worked because Eiichiro has been hitting those to the open court then moving up to the net, leading Araya to react a bit slower when a drop shot came. At the next serve, Eiichiro stands pretty far from the court which surprises the audience.


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