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Decision (選択 Sentaku) is the 121st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro's taking risks finally bears fruit as he successfully break Araya's service game.


Kageyama wonders why Eiichiro stands a lot further than usual - which turns out to be a countermeasure against left-handed players. Eiichiro decides to stand further so as to stop Araya's serve and gain the upper hand on return games. Araya gets surprised that Eiichiro is doing such act, considering that he has trouble in dealing against left-handed players in the first set. Araya hits a center but is considered a fault. Araya had no other choice but to hit a wide slice. Eiichiro takes the advantage and hit the ball with full power. After Araya hits a cross court, Eiichiro uses a drop shot again, making the score a deuce.

Araya uses his full power on his serve, getting Eiichiro to be pushed back by force. Luckily, Eiichiro's return gets a net-in, gaining the advantage first and his break point. On Araya's wide serve, Eiichiro uses a drop shot as return. Araya manages to hit it using a cross court but Eiichiro takes advantage of the open court using a forehand stroke and breaks Araya's service game.


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