Inner Battle (内なる戦い Uchinaru Tatakai) is the 122nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro uses a "change-of-pace" strategy in order to remain advantageous on his service game. Araya, on the other hand, manages to control his anger more instead of releasing it to someone else.


As Eiichiro finally gets the break, he cannot relax himself yet as he has to win this set. From his previous game, he learns that he has to claim the advantage in order to have more options on his offence. Eiichiro keeps disrupting Araya's balance and tempo in order to gain the point.

For Coach Aoi, a "change-of-pace" strategy, which deals with the variation of pace of the game, is pretty effective against players who use speed and power. This is appropriate for the essence of Eiichiro's tennis philosophy - You won't lose if you can get to every ball and hit it back with complete control.

On Eiichiro's third serve, Eiichiro hits the ball with his full power. The ball seems to be a 'fault' but the referee considers it an 'in', making Eiichiro and Araya surprised. Araya wants to shout at the referee for making a questionable judgment. He stops as from what he learned from his previous match against Eiichiro, this kind of attitude may disrupt his game so he decides to release his anger at the sky. Eiichiro notices the change on Araya's expression and hits the ball with full power, resulting a service ace and holding his service game.


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