Spirit of Opposition (対抗心 Taikōshin) is the 123rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Araya starts to adjust himself on Eiichiro's "change-of-pace" strategy.


Eiichiro feels that from the upcoming games, his "change-of-pace" strategy will not be as effective as before, knowing that Araya can change his play style just by switching his mental state. While reflecting, Eiichiro looks at the other court where the finals match - female division is and looks at where Natsu is. He remembers his conversation with Natsu when she mentions that those matches with lots of pressure are actually the most enjoyable and wonders how can she enjoys the match when there are a lot of pressure involved.

Eiichiro feels the difference of Araya's play style, given that Araya hits two service aces in a row and later on, he manages to hold his service game. On Eiichiro's service game, Araya has starting to react faster on Eiichiro's attacks. According to Coach Miura, Araya is quick on correcting his mistakes due to him always behind Takuma in terms of ranks. Araya plans to show the limit on Eiichiro's strategy.