True Nature (本心 Honshin) is the 124th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro gets the second set but things start to get more difficult in the final set as Araya's response on Eiichiro's attacks are getting better.


Eiichiro manages to earn a point from Araya. At the other court, Natsu wins the finals - female division against Rei Sakurai. As Natsu's watches Eiichiro's match, she thinks that Eiichiro's "change-of-pace" strategy is going well. After Eiichiro's second serve, Natsu joins Kageyama and others and receives their greetings for winning the competition. As Kageyama thinks that Eiichiro's game is getting better, Coach Aoi thinks that things will be more unpredictable from this game.

From 6th to 9th games, Eiichiro and Araya try to break the opponent's service game but neither side did not give in. Finally, Eiichiro wins the second set by taking advantage the open court using a smash. Coach Aoi feels alarmed as Araya's response time is getting better. For Araya, the reason behind his improving response time was because of his match against Eiichiro reminds him of his matches against Takuma and the feeling that he does not want to lose even in a championship when Takuma did not participate.


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