Memory (記憶 Kioku) is the 125th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Araya's power, speed and reactions are getting better and better that Eiichiro is having difficulty to counter-attack. Kageyama feels that Eiichiro is, indeed, enjoying the match as there is someone who can match his hard work.


The final set begins. Araya is getting more service aces and his counters are getting faster and more powerful as well. Eiichiro thinks that since Araya's tennis style is based on his mental state, right now, he seems to be on a dangerous level. Eiichiro continues to remain cool and try to play instinctively.

While Natsu and the others are watching, Kageyama comments that Natsu seems to be correct on saying that Eiichiro is currently enjoying the match. He thinks that Eiichiro is happy that there is someone who can match his hard work now - someone who gives his very best.

On each service game, neither of them are backing down. Araya feels that Eiichiro is dreaming to become a pro - more of the reason for him to win. Eiichiro continues to think of the possibilities to outwit Araya.


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