Resolution (覚悟 Kakugo) is the 127th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro fails to finish the match as quickly as possible due to limited choices. Eiichiro's fatigue is reaching its limit as Araya continues to attack Eiichiro with full power.


Eiichiro has starting to blank out in the middle of the match, indicating that his mental fatigue is worn out faster than his body. Eiichiro decides to take risks as possible in order to finish the match. Araya takes advantage of Eiichiro's motive and starts to narrow more of Eiichiro's choice of attacks and play in defense.

Araya successfully keeps his service game. Eiichiro forces himself to reconsider his tactics but fails. The match continues to drag, resulting Eiichiro's fatigue to reach its limits and loses his concentration. On his service game, Eiichiro's serves fail twice since he is trying to take risks, gaining Araya a point. While Eiichiro finally manages to hit a stable serve, Araya uses his power to gain another point. Upon realizing that he is about to lose, Eiichiro feels more frustrated that he cannot use his brain when he needs it the most. As Araya thinks that Eiichiro will use less risk on his next serve, Eiichiro uses his fastest serve, resulting to a service ace, shocking everyone.