Stop (ストップ Sutoppu) is the 128th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


As Eiichiro's mind stops functioning due to excessive fatigue and pressure, Eiichiro heavily relies to his instinct, which doubles the stress to his body.


Eiichiro manages to recover the points due to service aces. Just as the audience thinks that Eiichiro has recovered, Coach Aoi and Araya realize that the things that cannot be processed by Eiichiro's brain are covered by his instincts.

Realizing the situation, Araya thinks that this is the time that he can break the service game. Araya starts attacking the parts where Eiichiro's instincts are not used to, for instance, countering left-handed attacks. In spite of Eiichiro's struggles, the game reaches to deuce. Just as Eiichiro is about to hit Araya's attack, his instincts are screaming to stop, making his body feel heavier and Araya gaining the advantage first.