My Pace (マイペース Mai Pēsu) is the 131st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro and the other players start having match practices in preparation for Kanto Junior Tennis Competition.


Yusaku Miura explains to everyone the goal of the interclub match practices - all-around improvement in Kanagawa tennis players. Matches will be held after basic warm-ups. Eiichiro thinks that this is the best way for his to accumulate experiences.

Eiichiro is assigned to Iwasa who is considered to be a genius in "change-of-pace" strategy. He uses this match against Iwasa to observe in order to utilize more of his own "change-of-pace" strategy. He also tries to ask Iwasa but gets confused as Iwasa is an instinctive type, similar to Natsu.

While Eiichiro is about to have a match against Miyagawa, Natsu approaches Aki to ask where Aki is staring at. Aki is just surprised that Eiichiro is taking down notes which Natsu replies that Eiichiro is incredible and hardworking. Natsu falls in silence when Aki comments that Eiichiro is having fun on what he is doing. Natsu changes topic and asks Aki about her mother being her coach.

At the other side of the court, Aki's mother talks to Coach Miura. She thinks that it is a good experience for Aki in order to see Natsu's environment especially for someone who does lack the feel of competition against players under the same age group and starting to think for herself.

During break, Eiichiro meets Aki. Aki suddenly asks Eiichiro. Eiichiro is surprised with the question but still answers it. Aki apologizes herself for asking such a stupid question, which makes Eiichiro even more baffled.