Rematch (再戦 Saisen) is the 133rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro finally has a rematch against Takuma.


The brackets for the Kanto Junior Tennis Tournament has been released. For Eiichiro to be qualified for All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament, he has to win twice - in other words, Eiichiro has to beat Ide, the current 5th seed, in the second round.

As Eiichiro and others look for the brackets fo Kanto Junior, Takuma appears together with Coach Miura and the set of reporters. Yukichi mentions that Takuma has finally broke into the top ten of the Japan rankings. Eiichiro approaches Takuma and asks if he can have his rematch against Takuma. Since Takuma will be busy for the coming weeks, he decides to have the rematch today.

During Takuma and Eiichiro's rematch, the reporters talk about Takuma's current ability. Eiichiro also notices how different Takuma's tennis style compared to their previous (interrupted) match. He decides to utilize his "change-of-pace" strategy in order to win against Takuma. The reporters notice how good Eiichiro is and are surprised to know that Eiichiro has just playing tennis for two years. In the end, the rematch resulted to Takuma's win.