Expedition (遠征 Ensei) is the 134th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Final preparations are completed. Kanto Junior Tennis is about to begin but before that, Natsu calls out Eiichiro to accompany her outside.


Eiichiro continues to have practice matches. Yukichi gives Eiichiro a video of Eiichiro's opponents for first round. From the video, Yakabe is a baseliner which main weapons includes his serves and forehand flat which Eiichiro thinks that it is similar to Alex's style. On the other hand, Ide's attacks are considered to be super-aggressive and quite risky, resulting for audience to get pumped up and making Ide more excited. Eiichiro remembers Nabae's suggestion - avoid close match and not to get caught on Ide's atmosphere.

The day before Kanto Junior Tennis Competition, STC players go to venue where Kanto Junior Tennis Tournament will be held. Once they arrive at the hotel, Coach Aoi tells everyone the itinerary for that day and the start of competition. They also visit the courts where the matches will be held and they meet Nabae and Araya. In the evening, Natsu asks Eiichiro if he can accompany her outside. She wants Eiichiro to show something.