Neverending Moment (永遠に続く時間 Eien ni Tsuzuku Jikan) is the 135th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


At the beach, Eiichiro and Natsu confess their feelings for each other before the start of Kanto Junior Tennis Tournament.


Natsu brings Eiichiro to the beach on their spare time. Natsu feels relaxed whenever she is at the beach. As they take a stroll at the beach, Eiichiro thought of confessing his feelings to Natsu but his reason and instinct are arguing of what action should he do. When Natsu notices Eiichiro's silence, Eiichiro thanks Natsu for helping him always. He wants to return the favor and he wants Natsu to tell him anything she needs. Natsu tells Eiichiro to go out with her. Eiichiro startles with the sudden confession and asks if she is joking - she's not. Eiichiro gets disappointed that Natsu confesses first but Natsu tells him that it is not important who confesses first. Natsu tells Eiichiro that she managed to understand Eiichiro's first confession even though it was cut halfway. Eiichiro still wants to say his feelings clearly and Natsu let him do it.

After the confession, Eiichiro does not realize that it is already 9. As they return to the hotel, Natsu thanks Eiichiro because whenever she sees Eiichiro's hardwork, she also wants to work hard as well.


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