Expectations on First Match (緒戦の想定 Shosen no Sōtei) is the 136th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Yakabe's moves look different from what Eiichiro had seen in the video. Eiichiro analyzes his opponent from what he had seen in the video and in his eyes right now.


Before the start of the competition, Coach Aoi reminds everyone to do their best. After having a warm-up, registration and preparation, Eiichiro goes to the court where he will have his first round. While he reviews his notes about Yakabe, he suddenly remembers his confession with Natsu. He tries to use it as a motivation and stress reliever on his plays instead of a distraction.

When Yakabe appears, he is surprised to learn that Yakabe becomes taller. Even in during practice time, he notices the changes on Yakabe's tennis style - from a baseliner to serve and volley . This causes Eiichiro to be confused when they have started their match. He decides to disregard his data from his notes and focus on the data in front of him. From that, Eiichiro starts to realize the weaknesses on Yakabe's tennis style and starts to make an attack.


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