Change of Pace (チェンジ オブ ペース Chenji obu Pēsu) is the 137th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Eiichiro is finally done in analyzing the changes on Yakabe's tennis style, Eiichiro starts implementing his original plan - "change-of-pace" strategy!


Eiichiro starts on attacking Yakabe's weaknesses and takes advantage of Yakabe's habits. Yakabe notices that Eiichiro has switched his gears to offense and tries to hold his service game but Eiichiro finally manages to break it. During change-overs, Eiichiro has done his analyzes on Yakabe's current tennis style and starts combining it to the data he had from the video. From the data on hand, Eiichiro starts to use his "change of pace" strategy against Yakabe.

Eiichiro successfully gets the first set. Yakabe gets confused the changes on Eiichiro's attacks but thinks that he is better in terms of speed and power. On Eiichiro's service game, Yakabe continues to get surprised as Eiichiro continues to varies his serves - fast serve to wide to center. Eiichiro's attacks continue to change as well and continues to attack Yakabe's weaknesses. Yakabe finally realizes Eiichiro's ability - that he can control the ball according to his own pace and knows Yakabe's strengths and weaknesses - but he is already too late as Eiichiro wins the second set in a landslide.