Man Who Brings a Storm (嵐を呼ぶ男 Arashi wo Yobu Otoko) is the 138th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Natsu and Eiichiro formally announce to everyone that they are going out. On the day of Eiichiro's match against Ide, Eiichiro sacrifices his chance to qualify for All-Japan Junior Tennis Tournament by default and wait for Ide to come.


Everyone from STC manages to win their first round match. In the evening, Natsu and Eiichiro announce to everyone that they are going out and some think that they are dating for a while now. On the second day of Kantou Junior Tennis Tournament, Eiichiro is approached by Kageyama and Sasaki. Due to Yukichi, Eiichiro reluctantly tells them about his and Natsu's current relationship. Kageyama cannot openly celebrate as Sasaki feels down.

After warm up, Eiichiro is prepared for his match against Ide when he is called out by Kageyama. Kageyama tells Eiichiro that there is a big problem related to his match. Turns out, during Ide's warm up, he encounters a car accident and helps the injured boy. Since Ide accompanies the boy to the hospital and helps with the police investigation, he will not make it to the match on time. The committee are in the middle of deliberation whether they will adjust the schedule or not. Eiichiro tells the committee that it will be fine for him to wait. Ide's friends are relieved that Ide's opponent is a good person. Both the committee and Ide's friends are talking about Ide does not mind to be disqualified for the sake of a stranger. Okada comments how Ide's situation turns into a big issue and ends up being a hero. Eiichiro feels that he is being sucked into Ide's story and he has to clear his mind.

At the court, Sasaki notices the large number of audience in the benches - which can be the result of learning Ide's circumstances. Coach Aoi feels that this match will be different on what Eiichiro is accustomed to.