To Victory (勝利へ Shōri He) is the 14th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

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With Coach Miura's guidance, Eiichiro starts to improve his ball control using a 3x3 panel.


With Coach Miura's motivation, Eiichiro decides to come at STC and sees a 3x3 number panel on the court. Coach Miura tells Eiichiro that he has to hit the balls and return them according to the specific location (on this case, the number). Since Eiichiro has mastered the basic stroke, he needs to learn how to adjust the aim and control the ball.

As they start the training, Eiichiro initially has problems on aiming at cornered numbers due to spin of the ball. Upon repetition and adjustments, Eiichiro learns the theory behind controlling the ball. Coach Miura and Eiichiro repeat this process for forehand, backhand and other techniques in order to know the sensation when feeling the ball and the ability to recognize where that ball will hit the ground.

Upon break, Coach Miura explains to Eiichiro that their practice is just a warm-up. Eiichiro needs to practice now against a "live ball" - a match against Takuma.