True Intention (真意 Shini) is the 140th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro gets the first break mainly due to Ide's mistakes. Eiichiro thinks Ide seems to be more aggressive than usual.


Eiichiro is confused on what Ide's attacks - for instance, from a slice serve to a high risk "down the line" attack then suddenly, moving towards the net. While Eiichiro gets the point, he feels that his final attack was risky since he felt rushed. He gets the third point due to luck but he still wonders on Ide's intentions. Eiichiro, then, thinks that Ide's tennis style is similar to Natsu - both are based on instinct. Based on such hypothesis, Eiichiro focuses on the impressions he has right now. He thinks that Ide is trying to play aggressively without considering the risks. Ide tries to hit another service ace but this time, it is an out, resulting to Eiichiro's break.

On his service game, Eiichiro feels the pressure from the audience but since Ide is doing a one-hit kills, he will keep his service game using the best safe method.

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