Concentrate (集中 Shōchō) is the 141st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Since his image of Eiichiro is different from he sees now, Ide starts to concentrate more and more - creating countermeasures on Eiichiro's attacks.


Eiichiro uses his different serves against Ide. Ide is surprised when he sees Eiichiro's fast serve as Eiichiro did not have such serve before. Eiichiro manages to hold his service game but he expects that things will get difficult so he has to move as far as he can.

Ide uses a flat serve for his first serve but Eiichiro manages to return it properly compared before, resulting to a return ace. Ide thinks that his current image for Eiichiro is different from what he is now and starts to modify his techniques and gets the timing of Eiichiro's attacks. Even in change-overs, Ide continues to think on how to deal with Eiichiro's attacks. He's too focused that he did not hear the referee's call. Eiichiro feels that he had not seen all of Ide's strengths yet.

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