Tale of Invincibility (不敗神話 Fuhaishinwa) is the 143rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Now that Ide's response to Eiichiro's attacks are getting faster due to his intuition, the match is getting more interesting.


Eiichiro is surprised that Ide is adapting to his change-of-pace strategy quickly. He decides to avoid long rallies in favor of strong but concise rallies without losing his aggressiveness in attacking. He tries to trick using the drop shot but gets surprised instead because of Ide's quick reaction.

Ide is actually good in attacking and defending as he is good at making split-second decisions and intuition. His instantaneous decision-making ability is based on the other person's personality, body language, facial expressions and other factors. Ide successfully counters Eiichiro's drop shot but since Ide touches the net, the counter becomes invalid, leading for Eiichiro to win the current game. After Eiichiro helps Ide to stand up, Ide tells Eiichiro that the match is just starting.

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