Development (展開図 Tenkaizu) is the 144th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Ide manages to hold his service game so Eiichiro checks his notes about Ide's previous matches for better visualization of Ide's tennis and personality.


Even though Eiichiro has a huge lead against Ide, he cannot relax yet as Ide is starting grasp the timing of his change-of-pace strategy. He then focuses on what his eyes see on Ide's movements and reacts according to it. While Eiichiro manages to react fast, Ide's slice serve is too fast, leading it to Ide's service ace.

Eiichiro tries to visualize more of Ide's play then focuses on the opponent before his eyes. Ide manages to keep his service game even though Eiichiro's counters are good. During their break, Eiichiro reviews his notes regarding on Ide's plays. He checks not only his current match but also Ide's matches in All-Japan Junior Indoor Selectionals and what he found in STC in order to have a better visualization not only of Ide's plays but his personality as well. Eiichiro is so focused on reviewing his notes that he fails to hear the referee's call.

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