Projection (投影 Tōei) is the 145th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Ide utilizing his intuition and Eiichiro utilizing the data in his notes and eyes, their responses are getting faster which leads to an amazing rally.


With better grasp on Ide's tennis style and personality, Eiichiro gets the first point for the current game. He continues to repeat the images of Ide's counter in order to react faster on such counters. Ide wonders behind Eiichiro's faster reactions and considers if it is related to the notes Eiichiro reviewed earlier.

Both manage to hold their service games in the next two games. While Eiichiro struggles to hold his service game, Ide easily manages to hold his. During the break, both players review the opponent's current play and formulate a plan on how they are going to adjust the timing of their own counters. In the end, Eiichiro wins the first set after an intense rally and close points.