Supporting (応援 Ōen) is the 146th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


On the second set, Ide holds his service games easily while Eiichiro is struggling to hold his service games even though the change-of-pace strategy is working according to his plans.


The spectators are surprised that a no-seeder gets the first set. Ide thinks that he has Eiichiro in his reach during the first set but gets surprised that Eiichiro's response became faster after reviewing his notes. It may look unbelievable at first but then, he remembers Eiichiro's improvements during the match against Nabae before. For Ide, Eiichiro might reach the national level if his progress continues in the current trend. Eiichiro, on the other hand, is worried that Ide is grasping his timing better. He has to move faster and challenge Ide with more patterns.

Ide decides to limit the number of shots Eiichiro use for the change-of-pace strategies. Ide does not mind losing the first set as long as his friends continue to cheer for him from the bottom of their hearts. He easily manages to hold his service game and many spectators want him to break Eiichiro's service game and make a comeback but Eiichiro manages to hold his service game as well.

Both players manage to hold their service games. Ide easily does it but Eiichiro struggles to hold his own. Eiichiro starts to wonder why he is struggling even though his change-of-pace strategies is working properly.