Invisible Enemy (見えない敵 Mienai Teki) is the 147th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With the appearance of the boy who Ide helped before the match, Eiichiro is getting more intimidated with the pressure of the audience while Ide is getting more encouraged.


While both players are considering the factor that is lacking to win the second set, the boy who Ide helped appeared to support Ide. With his appearance, the cheering becomes louder for Ide, encouraging him to win as Ide promised to the boy that he will win the game. As for Eiichiro, even though he is glad that the boy is okay, he does not want to sacrifice this match and he has to win against players like Ide.

While Eiichiro is thinking not to be intimidated by the atmosphere, it seems that his play does not show it because of his mistakes. It also adds the fact that the audience supports Ide and that considers as Ide's strength, thus, Ide seems to be less tired compared to Eiichiro. Ide reaches the break point but Eiichiro is still trying to focus only on the game.

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