Recognizing the Current Situation (現状把握 Genjyō Haaku) is the 148th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Ide successfully breaks Eiichiro's service game and wins the second set. With Eiichiro feeling the pressure at its peak, he decides to face the pressure instead of ignoring it.


Eiichiro manages to get consecutive points but in the end, Ide breaks Eiichiro's service game. Eiichiro still wonders behind his anxiety as he feels that he can still play well in spite of the heavy pressure from the spectators. He decides to counter that will silence the spectators but he ends up making an awkward hit due to his grip and sweat hand. This leads to Ide winning the second set.

Eiichiro asks for the ball as it landed to the spectators. Eiichiro is surprised when Nabae throws the ball to his area. During the break, Eiichiro realizes that while he keeps on convincing himself that he is not affected with the spectators's cheers, it seems that his body is more affected to the pressure than what he imagined. He, then, writes the things that cause him pressure in order to face them.

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