Looking in the Eye (直視 Chokushi) is the 149th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


With Eiichiro acknowledging the pressure, his movements get better in the final set but Ide does not allow Eiichiro to win easily.


Nabae notices the improvement on Eiichiro's tennis style but he wonders how will Eiichiro fare on "Ide's theater". For this last set, Eiichiro tries to remember the things that pressure him, and focuses on Ide once the game starts. Eiichiro's serve ends up a service ace, causing everyone, even Eiichiro himself, gets surprised. As he continues to play, Eiichiro realizes that his body is loosing up as he does not put unnecessary strain.

Ide wonders what causes Eiichiro's play to be better on this final set. For Eiichiro, recognizing the pressure instead of putting a blind eye on them makes the pressure less noticeable. His vision gets wider and he can manage to wait for the ball until the very last moment before he attacks.

Eiichiro successfully holds his service game but Ide catches up by holding his service game as well.

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