To Giant Strides (現実 Genjitsu) is the 15th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in order of appearanceEdit


After knowing Takuma's results in the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Circuit, Coach Miura demands Takuma to have a match against Eiichiro.


Eiichiro is surprised to see Takuma at the courts. Coach Miura learns from Takuma that Takuma won the Kanagawa Junior Tennis Competition, defeating Miyagawa in the semi finals and Araya in the finals. In spite of such results, Coach Miura did not praise Takuma since all of the matches are close matches and Takuma's current slump. Takuma thinks that he was called in the court just to announce the results but Coach Miura stops Takuma, telling him that he will have a match against Eiichiro as it will benefit him. Eiichiro also asks Takuma so that he can have a grasp on the difference of their levels. Takuma reluctantly accepts the match.

Takuma and Eiichiro have a one-set match. By applying what he learned earlier, Eiichiro manages to get the first point. Takuma realizes that Eiichiro uses court covering and control which he probably learned from the coach but he wants to teach Eiichiro that Eiichiro's eyes and brain are not enough to win. Eiichiro continues to get surprised by Takuma's fast serves and delicate ball touch. Coach Miura exposes Eiichiro to a match against Takuma so that Eiichiro will learn the difference of the theories and reality. For Takuma, he believes that there are some levels that cannot be reach, no matter how hard working Eiichiro is, so it would be better if he better give up now.