Image (イメージ Imēji) is the 150th chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


The result of the match between Ide and Eiichiro is getting unpredictable as both players manage to keep their service game up to the critical 5 - 5 game score for the final set.


Even though recognizing the pressure helps Eiichiro to play better, Eiichiro thinks that he can play better with little pressure so he decides to erase almost everything on his mind. Eiichiro erases barely half of his notes but Ide wins the first point due to return ace. Eiichiro successfully erases almost all of his notes in his mind and he manages to win the next point.

Araya and Okada appear to Nabae and talk about the match between Eiichiro and Ide. Okada believes that Ide will win because of his mental strength. He reminds him of the time when Ide and he were representatives for the Florida Junior Competition. Ide remains lively even though the rest of his companions are intimidated to the pressure. Araya, on his defense, tells that Okada tells such thing because he has not faced Eiichiro yet in a match. Nabae stops Okada and Araya's argument and tells them both of them have a point and that causes the match to become unpredictable.

Eiichiro feels better as he erases the image of his pressure after making a clear picture of it. Both players are not giving up and manage to keep their service game, dragging the third set to a 5 - 5 score - the critical point of this match.

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