Timing (タイミング Taimingu) is the 151st chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Since removing all the pressure is not necessarily good on Eiichiro's performance, he leaves out ~20-30% of the pressure to work well in the match.


At the critical point of the match against Ide, Eiichiro realizes that the sources of pressure are accumulating as the match progresses. Eiichiro fully erases the image of his pressure but Ide manages to hit a return ace. Since erasing the image completely is not good, he tries to erase them as much as possible without erasing it completely. The serve is a fault but very fast, surprising the spectators.

Even though the serve is a fault, Eiichiro feels that his body is better than his previous serve. Now that Eiichiro learns that retaining some pressure is better than erasing it completely in his mind, he now considers how much percent of the image is needed to have a good performance. He tries to remove ~40% of the image but Ide gets the point. Based on the results and his intuition, ~20-30% will be the best balance to have a good performance. With retaining a ~20-30% of image of the pressure, Eiichiro wins a point against Ide. One of Ide's friends feels different on the current match as Eiichiro seems not to be scared on a close match against Ide but another Ide's friend tells him to show his support Ide more. Eiichiro composes himself and believes that he can pull this match through, now that he knows how to maintain his strength.

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