Opportunity (好機 Kōki) is the 152nd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro realizes that his current state of instinct and reason is similar to his match against Araya. He plans to finish the match before his body collapses.


Eiichiro manages to make a comeback by winning 2 consecutive points, and later, holds his service game, taking the lead from Ide. Eiichiro realizes that the feeling he has now is the same feeling he had during his match against Alex and Araya when his reason and instinct has reached an ideal balance. Based on what he experienced in the match against Araya, his body seems not to feel fatigue is only temporary, thus, he has to end the match while his body is in ideal state. On the other hand, Ide, upon realizing that Eiichiro wants to finish the match on the next game, hopes that the audience will show more support.

Eiichiro gets the point first via return ace. After Ide hits a drop shot, both players move up to the court. The spectators wonder if Eiichiro can reach the ball or will Ide win the point.

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