Everything I Can Do Right Now (今できる全て Ima dekiru Subete) is the 153rd chapter of manga, Baby Steps.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit


Eiichiro gets the match point first but in spite of this, Ide does not give up on this match.


Eiichiro catches up and hits the ball but Ide hits a lob, making Eiichiro to run at the back of the court. Eiichiro hits a between-the-legs shot successfully, leading him to win a point and the surprise of everyone. Ide gets another point as he hits another drop shot and this time, Eiichiro did not hit the ball successfully as he is caught off guard with the back-to-back drop shot.

Eiichiro reflects back on his list of pressure as his final two points to win the final set acts as his additional pressure. He feels that by reflecting back, it brings out his best condition. Eiichiro gets the match point first but due to his error, Ide gets another point, increasing the pressure further.